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How to Edit Meta Tags on WordPress Using Yoast WordPress SEO.
How to Add the Yoast WordPress Plugin. Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that helps to easily add metadata to your WordPress website. We recommend adding the Yoast plugin to your WordPress website. Login to the WordPress admin dashboard. Click Plugins in the menu on the left. Click Add New. Search Yoast or Upload the Plugin. Click the Install Now button next to Yoast SEO. Then click Activate. Yoast has successfully been added to your WordPress website! How to Edit the Title Tag, Meta Description and H1 on WordPress. Once Yoast is activated, you will notice a new menu option in the left menu, as well as additional features in the Page and Post edit settings. Now that the ability to edit the title tag and meta description is enabled, lets go ahead and edit them. Click Pages in the menu on the left. Select your homepage. To edit the H1 tag, simply edit the page name.
Meta keywords: why we don't' use them - and neither should you Yoast.
If this sounds like youre asking Google directly to just rank you for whatever keyword you want: thats what it was. If you think thats too easy: youre right, it turned out to be. Of course, as the web became more commercial, people started spamming this keywords element and search engines began ignoring it. Its important to note that the meta keywords tag has nothing to do with the focus keyword in Yoast SEO The focus keyword is a feature of Yoast SEO that is used to determine whether youve optimized your page well for the keyword you want to rank for.
6 voor- en nadelen van Yoast SEO - WP Brothers.
Denk hierbij aan zoekwoordonderzoek om zoekvolume en concurrentiegraad van verschillende keywords in kaart te brengen. Denk ook aan strategieën om autoriteit te krijgen zoals topic clusters. Lees meer over topic clusters in ons blog over Inbound Marketing. Dan een laatste nadeel: Yoast kijkt per pagina. Er is dus geen aandacht voor de structuur van de website, de aanwezigheid van duplicate content of de snelheid van de website. Met andere woorden, Yoast besteedt weinig tot geen aandacht aan de technische SEO.
Dit is waarom je de Yoast SEO bolletjes moet negeren.
Je verpest de leesbaarheid en voor Google maakt het niet uit. Zoals je ziet in mijn voorbeeld: Google begrijpt voor zover een computer iets kan begrijpen dat ik met 'backpacken' op Kaapverdië hetzelfde bedoel als met 'backpacken' Kaapverdië. Is de Yoast plugin dan helemaal nutteloos? Nee, want de plugin heeft wel een paar handige functies. Ik gebruik de plugin bijvoorbeeld voor het invullen van de meta omschrijving, slug en SEO-titel. Ook zit er een handige functie op voor het aanpassen van de titel en beschrijving als je je blog deelt op Facebook en Twitter. De Yoast plugin hoeft dus niet de prullenbak in, maar neem de oranje en rode bolletjes voortaan met een korreltje zout. Nanouk van Gennip. Nanouk van Gennip is mede-eigenaar van Joona Online, een bedrijf gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen van websites op maat en het schrijven van zakelijke SEO-teksten en blogs.
Definitive Guide On How To Use Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress 2022.
You will need to edit your theme and add some special code to it, as described the following tutorial. These options are here for extra protection of your content and copyrights. If youve had situations in the past when your posts have been copy pasted on other websites, without giving you any credit or linking the content to its source, and you want to avoid this in the future - you can fill in this section with your content and links which will appear in the RSS feeds and link readers back to your site. This does not prevent scrapers from stealing your information, but it does give you credit and additional site traffic. Still with us? Need a coffee break? Go ahead and treat yourself with one, as weve covered the basic crucial settings. Search Console tab is no longer available in Yoast SEO 13.1, as Google has discontinued its Crawl Errors API. You will no longer be able to see your crawl stat and errors within Yoast plugin. Instead, you can use the Coverage report in your Search Console account.
Yoast SEO Review - A Beginners Guide To Using This Plugin.
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WordPress SEO Plugin Optimize Keywords with SEO Keyword Hound.
You can expect a fully-fledged keyword KPI tracker with extensive tools to compare statistics such as keyword density, CTR and bounce rate to those of your opponents. SEO Keyword Hound uses data from Google Analytics and Moz, and provides handy shortcuts to fetch this information. I use Yoast SEO. Can I still benefit from SEO Keyword Hound? Most definitely, as Yoast SEO and SEO Keyword Hound have very different scopes and complement each other. SEO by Yoast does a really good job at analyzing single posts in the present and providing general tips. The Keyword Hound, however, presents historical data on your content and your competitors, allowing for more comprehensive strategies. Related Blog Resources. WordPress SEO Resources: Where to Start What You Need to Know. Onsite SEO: Make Google Love Your Website. Top 5: The 2020 Finest Selection of WordPress SEO Plugins. SEO, Cache and More - The Best Plugins to Blog With WordPress. SEO: How to do Competitors'' Keywords Analysis and Outrank your Competitors. WP 101 - Media and Images SEO: Best Practices in 2020.
SEO voor WordPress websites Handleiding WordPress SEO.
Dit is zeer nadelig voor je SEO score. Ga naar je overzicht van paginas of berichten om een pagina tag of categorie toe te voegen. Ga met je cursor naar het desbetreffende artikel en klik op snel bewerken. In het onderstaande voorbeeld zie je hoe je met de Yoast SEO plugin categorieën en pagina tags kan toevoegen. Online marketing en marketingmodellen.
20 WordPress SEO Tips: Your Guide To Everything WordPress SEO.
To verify your site.: Head to Google Search Console and sign up. Add your site. Choose the HTML tag verification option. Copy the meta tag that Google provides. Click on the SEO option in your WordPress dashboard if youre using Yoast SEO - otherwise youll need to consult your SEO plugins documentation.
How to choose your focus keyword with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.
Rather your focus keyword is what you want that page to rank for, and the Yoast plugin is a writing tool to keep your content on topic. The Yoast SEO plugin has its on input field for this and uses the keyword to evaluate your content and provide feedback on how you can better optimize your page. Be Strategic: Use Long-tail Keywords.
Optimizing for SEO with YOAST SEO - chloédigital.
Where to edit. Click on Edit snippet Note: You can edit the SEO title and meta description in one go. Write your meta description in the box. Close snippet editor. Alt-tags or Alt Text. An alt tag is a name you put to an image. I know you have been adding them but there is still some room for improvement. What is amazing about alt tags are they not only help search engines find your page but from an accessibility perspective, the alt tag will read what the image is to an audience who is using a special reader. Make sure all your images contain a unique alt-tag. How to create alt tags and what you need to know.: Name all of your images in a way that describes what they are. It is not compulsory to include your keyword or phrase in every picture in the post but you should add it as often as it makes sense. If some images are not related to the keyword, it is best to just describe them clearly and accurately even if the Yoast SEO rating is orange.

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