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Red SEO Score on Homepage
For Google and other search engines, this is not an issue because it crawls the front-end of your website. However, if you do want to get a green SEO score, you can also add static content on the homepage such as text, images, videos, etc, which Yoast SEO can analyze too.
Yoast SEO: a guide to set up the best SEO plugin for WordPress.
Content Types tab. Once the homepage is set up, you now have to work on all the other pages of your site. To do this, Yoast SEO offers to give default values to the different types of content on your website. This is what will allow you to define the default appearance of your publications in search results, including their description. The image below shows only posts and pages, but if you have a Custom Post Type CPT, Yoast SEO will automatically display it. In order to adapt to all your content, Yoast SEO uses variables. For example Title will match the title of your content post, page etc. Click on Insert variable at the top right of the screen to get a list of all available variables. Together, lets explore the options that are available.: Show Posts in search results: select On to tell search engines to index your content. This is very important! Show SEO Settings for Posts: this option is simply used to hide the Yoast SEO insert called a metabox in WordPress jargon when you are in edit mode i.e.
How to Fix Yoast SEO's' Missing og image: Properties on Homepage - ThemeSkills.
Note that this only happens on a static page that is set as a homepage in Settings - Reading, in WordPress. The og image: properties wont appear inside your homepage source code, therefore, the image will not be displayed on Facebook or other social media websites that rely on Open Graph properties to display rich snippets. The good news is that this is a known bug, and the Yoast developers are aware of it and plan to fix it in July, with the release of Yoast 7.8. We apologize for the inconvenience. Theres currently an open issue with our developers regarding featured image is not outputted as og image: on static homepage. You can check the GH issue here: The fix will be included on Yoast SEO 7.8 which is set to be released this July.
Yoast SEO: the 1 WordPress SEO Plugin Yoast.
Can I get help while using Yoast SEO? As a Premium customer, youre entitled to use our 24/7 email support. You can click here and read how to contact support. Do you use one of our free WordPress plugins, like Yoast SEO for WordPress? Then click here and follow the steps to get the help you need. Get started with Yoast SEO. Choose your preferred version and start optimizing right away! Yoast SEO Free plugin. Everything you need to start ranking in search engines. Automatically take care of all your sites technical SEO. Access to 5 free academy courses. Download Yoast SEO Free. Yoast SEO Premium plugin. Optimize your site for the right keywords for your users. Avoid dead links in your site. Get previews for sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Content quality and link suggestions as you write.
Yoast Metatags De nummer 1 keuze om je site te optimaliseren.
WordPress SEO Categorieën. Description en Slug voor Category Archives. Het is mogelijk om een description toe te voegen aan je categorieën en je archive paginas taggen. Ga eerst naar Berichten Categorieën. Ga met je muis over de categorie die je wilt wijzigen en klik dan op de Bewerken link. Dit opent de bewerk pagina voor de desbetreffende categorie en rol nu naar beneden naar de Yoast SEO meta box. Klik op de Snippet Bewerk knop en vul daar een omschrijving in van de desbetreffende categorie. Vergeet niet op de 'Bijwerken' knop te klikken. Wij leveren betaalbare SEO services die snel en effectief zijn. MetaTags Doe-het-zelf DHZ. Het is niet zo moeilijk om meta-tags zelf te maken. Maak gebruik van onze handige gratis meta-tags generator. Doe-het-zelf Site Aanpassen. Site Scan Audit. € 499 Eénmalig. Begin met zoekmachine optimalisatie voor je website. Leer waarom je concurrenten beter scoren en hoe je ze kunt verslaan. Website SEO Fouten. Social Media SEO. Starter Linkbuilding Plan. € 199 VanafPer Maand. Voor MKB-ers en ZZP-ers die willen gaan beginnen met Linkbuilding en beter willen scoren bij de zoekmachines. 24 Backlinks per jaar.
Yoast SEO - Lamper Design.
Yoast SEO voor WordPres plugin. Wat kun je met de Yoast plugin voor je WordPress website? Het is een handig hulpmiddel om de vindbaarheid van je website te optimaliseren. Het blijft ten alle tijde een advies dus blijf zelf nadenken en ga niet blind voor het groene bolletje. Wil je alles weten over deze plugin? Lees dan de altijd up-to-date handleiding voor Yoast van Optimus Online.
How to change your WordPress homepage type Yoast.
Yoast SEO technical documentation. Dev blog posts. The Yoast Care fund. Nominate someone for our Care fund right now! Change currency USD $. Home Help center How to change your WordPress homepage type How to change your WordPress homepage type.
Your Home Page Cannot Be Indexed Yoast alert - Flothemes.
In the following article we explain why the Ryte check for home page indexed may not be correct, and how you can check if your site is indexed by Google. With the recent update of Yoast SEO version 7.3 youll notice in your dashboard a homepage indexing check from Ryte.
Breadcrumbs kruimelpad: SEO Optimalisatie Tips.
Als je de plugin WordPress SEO van Yoast gebruikt, is het heel eenvoudig om breadcrumbs aan je WordPress-website toe te voegen. We raden je ook zeker aan om de plugin van Yoast hiervoor te gebruiken, want Yoast zorgt er niet alleen voor dat je breadcrumbs getoond worden op je website, maar voegt ook een mooie snippet toe waardoor Google je zoekresultaten voorziet van een kruimelpad.
How to Use Yoast SEO on WordPress Complete Tutorial.
If you have a Google Search Console account, you should sync it now Section 7: Title settings. Your Title is the main headline that appears in Google search results and visitors browser tabs.: An example of an SEO title. By default, Yoast SEO makes your title.: Post Name Separator Website Name. In this section, you can choose.: Your website name. Choose your desired title settings. For example, if you had a post with the title How To Use Yoast SEO and the settings above, your site would look like this in Google.: How To Use Yoast SEO - Kinsta Demo Site Wrapping Up The Configuration Wizard. In sections 8 and 9, Yoast SEO will try to get you to.: Sign up for the Yoast SEO newsletter. Purchase Yoast SEO Premium, keyword research training, or plugin training. You do not need to do either of these things unless you want to. Just keep hitting next until you get to section 10 - Success! And then click Close.: You made it! Congratulations - you just configured Yoast SEO! Using The Yoast SEO Meta Box. On a day-to-day basis, the Yoast SEO meta box is where youll interact with the plugin the most.
How to Fix Yoast SEO Title not Working - Fixing Duplicate Title Tags.
It is remarkably easy to use Yoast SEO both free and premium. Any serious website owner or webmaster understands the value of SEO, and cannot afford to ignore basic on-page WordPress SEO. Yoast SEO Duplicate Title Tags. Recently, I came across one of the most common problems encountered by several Yoast Plugin users.

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