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AMP paginas voor je WordPress website - Netfort.
Snelheid is essentieel voor SEO. Daarin kunnen AMP paginas een bijdrage leveren. De officiële verklaring van Google zegt hierover dat AMP nog geen ranking factor is, maar dat zal zeker veranderen in de nabije toekomst. Nu al zien we nieuws en blogpaginas hoger gepositioneerd staan in Google.
How to Make Your WordPress Website AMP Friendly Boost Your SEO.
Its actually a pretty simple way: you can add 'call-to-action' buttons within your AMP pages that will redirect users to your 'normal' mobile friendly page to complete the action. For example, you will notice that on the desktop and mobile version of this website, I have several CTA buttons that lead to my SEO Guide landing page. On that page the users can purchase and download my ebook. The same is with my AMP pages. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have added the CTA areas in my AMP pages and when you click the button to DOWNLOAD the ebook, it will redirect you to the mobile friendly page that has full functionality enabled. Does this method work? It certainly does because I can see from my Google Analytics that a number of sales were initiated from the AMP page.
Beginners guide to AMP in WordPress - logo.dreamhost.allwhite.
Yoast SEO users will want to check out the Glue for Yoast SEO AMP plugin. This is a simple tool that helps AMP and Yoast SEO work smoothly together. It ensures that your SEO metadata is implemented properly on your AMP-optimized pages and even adds a few new customizations.
5 Best WordPress Amp Plugins How To Use Them FixRunner.
5 Best WordPress AMP Plugins Compared. AMP for WP. Bonus: Glue for Yoast SEO AMP. Google AMP Overview. Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP is a website publishing technology by Google for creating mobile-specific content. It was designed to provide a solution to the sluggish load time of mobile web pages.
Add AMP Pages to Your WordPress Site Easy to Follow Steps.
After making sure your site is up to date and backed up properly, follow the steps below to add AMP pages to your site. The Yoast and MonsterInsights plugins work seamlessly with the plugins listed below. Youll want to download each of these plugins to your local file directory and then upload them to your website. AMP by Automattic. Glue for Yoast SEO AMP.
AMP for WordPress: The Ultimate Guide.
WP SEO Structured Data Schema - This is an AMP compatible SEO Schema plugin developed by Kansas City SEO. Glue for YOAST SEO - this plugin adds support for AMP to the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin. Schema App Structured Data - an SEO Schema plugin with AMP support.
Wat is AMP en hoe helpt het jouw mobiel verkeer en SEO? - SmartData Agency.
Wil je nog meer personalisatie mogelijkheden? Dan heb je nog een bijkomende plugin nodig: Glue for Yoast SEO AMP. Deze kan je ook downloaden en activeren vanuit je WP Admin dashboard plugins. Nu zal je in je Admin dashboard onder SEO het tab AMP zien staan. Daar kan je de AMP-versie aan- of uitzetten voor berichten, paginas en media bestanden. Onder Design kan je een icoontje kiezen voor jouw AMP-versies, een standaard beeld kiezen voor berichten zonder beeld, en je kleuren aanpassen. In AMPs wordt Google Analytics over het algemeen beperkt tot het hoogst noodzakelijke om de laadtijd van je pagina niet te beïnvloeden.
How Does Google AMP Affect Your WordPress Websites SEO and What Can You Do About It? - SHIFT Communications: A Performance Communications Agency PR Firm in Boston New York San Francisco. How Does Google AMP Affect Your WordPress Website's' SEO and What Ca
You should always pick a design format from within the plug-in options. Pick the type of columns you need for your AMP content. For example, pages, categories, and posts. Follow this up with the integration of analytics and SEO tools like Google Analytics and Yoast for SEO.
Wordpress AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages tutorial jaaadesign.
'Glue' for Yoast SEO AMP. If youre running a WordPress website chances are you are using the YOAST SEO plugin as well, if not this might be a good reason to switch SEO plugins: the Glue for Yoast SEO AMP plugin takes care of a number of indispensable functions to get the most out of the AMP plugin, as well as some easy ways to customize the design.
Best Free AMP Plugins For WordPress? 5 Options Compared.
If you use this plugin and Yoast SEO, youll want to grab the Glue for Yoast SEO AMP plugin so that Yoast can add the proper SEO meta data to your AMP content. AMP for WP. AMP for WP is a freemium WordPress AMP plugin that offers a lot more functionality than the official AMP plugin.
Yoast New Update Is Causing AMP Validation Errors - Insider Paper.
The popular WordPress SEO plugin Yoast has received a new update which is causing AMP validation errors for websites around the world. Dozens of website owners and administrators have complained at the Support section of that they are facing AMP issues after updating Yoast.

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